How Does our Silo Solutions Team Clean Silos?


Since 1944, AIRMATIC has specialized in helping Customers throughout the New England and Middle Atlantic States eliminate problems with the flow of powders and bulk solids held in storage vessels. Through our Service Group, our crews not only install and maintain Air Cannons and Vibrator Flow-Aid Systems to prompt and maintain product flow, but also provide mechanical and acoustic vessel clean-out services to remotely, and safely, clear build-up and blockage obstruction in silos, bins, bunkers, stacks, industrial chimneys, railcars, pipes, and tanks. Our vessel cleaning services, generally referred to as Silo Cleaning, are used in manufacturing, mining, construction, and agricultural facilities on a wide range of bulk materials to:

  1. Remove Product Build-Up
  2. Restore Flow Rates
  3. Recover Design Capacity
  4. Prevent Cross-Contamination
  5. Reclaim “Lost Material”
  6. Eliminate Combustion-Generating “Hot Spots”
  7. Decommission Storage Vessels at Facility Conversions or Shut-Downs.

Whether the flow obstruction is caused by materials that cling, arch, bridge, or tunnel in silo, bin, and hopper applications, or build-up / block-off in pipe and stack applications, AIRMATIC’s Silo Cleaning Services are increasingly chosen because we can select from an arsenal of clean-out technologies, our SILO SOLUTIONS Tool Kit, developed by our franchise partner, MARTIN ENGINEERING, a world leader in enhancing material flow for 70 years, has a solution.

  • Prevents hazardous confined space entry by enabling our trained Technicians to remotely operate the controls
  • Reduce the risk of damage to vessel linings, walls, and bottoms, a problem prevalent with other clean-out methodologies
  • Eliminate environmental waste issues because no water or chemicals are used
  • Eliminate potential contamination by burst or leaking hoses from hydraulic-driven equipment — our mechanical and acoustic cleaning technologies are compressed-air driven.
  • Allow the vessel to stay “on-line” during clean-out (based on plant policy) which can be especially important during production periods. Preclude the risk of fire through the use of non-sparking equipment.

So next time you need a vessel cleaned-out take a second to fill out our Application Data Sheet below!

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