Silo Inventory Management System

Safe, Reliable, Accurate Level Control Provides Immediate ROI


This job story focuses on the benefits of safe and accurate level detection in silos and hoppers. The Customer in this study is a leading global supplier of catalysts, engineered packaging materials, and specialty construction chemicals and building materials located in the Middle Atlantic States.


To measure material level, the Customer used an unsophisticated dangerous drop-line method to acquire level readings in each silo. To measure the contents of the silo, an employee had to climb an outside stairway then walk on exposed catwalks. Inclement weather made the process more dangerous because workers could slip in rain or snow. The Customer wanted a solution that eliminated the safety hazards and wasted labor inherent in this process. They also needed a more accurate inventory measurement.


AIRMATIC Application Specialists surveyed the situation to find a solution that would eliminate the safety problem, meet level detection and measurement needs, and fit the Company’s budget. They decided to insall a BINMASTER® SMARTBOB II. The SMARTBOB II is a reliable and accurate inventory management system used in a variety of industries to monitor stored powders and bulk solids.

BINMASTER’s SMARTBOB II works on a single bin, tank, or silo, or in an entire network of storage vessels. The sensor is mounted on top of the bin and automatically drops a weighted cable to the material surface to take a precise measurement. It then sends the measurement data to a readout console, allowing for greater measuring accuracy. The SMARTBOB II offers the strongest and smartest cable-based inventory measurement system currently on the market, with the ability to manage up to 128 bins with heights up to 180 feet. This system enabled management to acquire an accurate bin-level reading, on demand, while also improving worker safety.


As this case study shows, AIRMATIC’s solution succeeded and the Customer immediately saw improvements in measurement accuracy and improved safety. Within four months of installation they purchased another system for a second silo. The BINMASTER® SMARTBOB II satisfied all Customer requirements and they are now performing beyond expectations on all silos.

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