Service Group

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AIRMATIC’s SERVICE GROUP division provides Installation, Maintenance and Fabrication Services support for the Bulk Material Handling products that enables Customers to receive the utility and value they expect when choosing AIRMATIC as their industrial products supplier. The Service Group’s mechanics, technicians, and managers are committed to meeting six product performance standards:


  • To overcome a Customer’s inability (staffing, expertise, budget) to do the work themselves.
  • To extend the output life of Customer equipment.
  • To get the product to perform to specifications.
  • To teach our Customers how to most practically and effectively use our products to achieve lower maintenance costs, increased productivity, and a safer, cleaner work environment.
  • To obtain Customer feedback on the quality and acceptability of our supplier’s products in terms of design, materials, operations, etc.
  • To serve as an arbitrator in warranty disputes between our Customers and our suppliers.


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