Make the Switch to All Reulmeca Pulleys

Back in 2010, Black Rock Crushing set up shop with a single Lippmann Milwaukee 4800CC portable plant. Since that time, the company has multiplied that number by 6. With that, an expansion in staff to 34.The Ramseur, NC company founder, John Mason said “From the beginning, we decided to standardize and minimize to keep things simple.”


Keeping things simple, Mason made the decision to go with all Rulmeca motorized pulleys to drive all Lippmann Milwaukee conveyor belts. The whole operation process’ two million tons of recycled asphalt product (RAP) per year. With that much bulk on the move, the choice to switch all pulleys to Rulmeca’s brand was based on their reliable reputation of feeding & recirculation.

Humidity combined with RAP causes it to adhere to components which results in various challenges with maintenance. Rulmeca’s design calls for all moving parts to be enclosed within the hermetically sealed pulley shell . Eliminating fugitive material buildup on pulley components.

“When Rulmeca promised us the ‘lowest total cost of ownership’, they delivered. The company’s continued growth plans are as they started. Add a Lippmann Milwaukee plant a year, throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.”

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