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AIRMATIC supplies battery and air-powered rebar fastening tools manufactured by Max and Kodi Klip to bring you the most powerful, efficient, and safe rebar tier and connecting tool systems on the market. Connect rebar up to 5 times faster than hand-tying, reducing labor costs, fatigue, and Injuries. In addition to tiers, AIRMATIC supplies tie wire & klips for reloading your tools and creating a strong, durable bond between rebar cords.

Types of Rebar Fastening Tools

Rebar Klip Connecting

Kodi Klip Connecting Tools are compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed air-driven power tools used to affix polycarbonate klips (Kodi Klips) to any cross, parallel or vertical rebar assembly/frame to hold any configuration motionless including rebar to strand connections in prestress applications.

Rebar Wire Tying

The MAX Rebar Tier Tool is a low-weight, easy to handle, battery-driven power tool that operates for up to 4500 ties per charge. There are 7 models available that twist-tie Made-in-America black annealed wire, and standard electro-galvanized or poly-coated spool-fed wire to rebar joints from #3 x #3 to #9 x #10, and metric from 6mm x 6mm to 29mm x 32mm.

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