Brand ACS
Series ACS AC-230
Model Standard
Item # AC-948


The AC-230 acoustic cleaner is tailored for medium-scale applications such as baghouses, boilers, fans, hoppers, and spray dryers. Offering an economical solution for smaller operations, the AC-230 utilizes compressed air to flex a titanium diaphragm, generating pressure pulses amplified by the bell. This low-frequency, high-energy sound wave efficiently dislodges particulate deposits, which are subsequently removed by gravity or gas flow.


Fundamental Frequency 230 Hz
Output Power 150 db
Bell Section A Material Cast Stainless Steel
Bell Section B Material Cast Stainless Steel
Sound Generator Plated Carbon Steel
Diaphragm Material Titanium
Air Inlet 3/4"
Air Requirement Pressure 70-90 PSI
Air Requirement Consumption 70-80 SCFM
Weight 52 lbs
Length 27.0000"


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  • ACS AC-230 Tech Data Sheet

  • ACS Sonic Horn Owner-Operator Manual AC-220, AC-230, ESP-75, AC-75, AC-75C

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