Mechanical Force Exciter Maintenance Best Practices

To prolong the life of your Exciters, we recommend a Customer regularly perform a thorough inspection of every Force Exciter. After Lockout/Tagout and other safety considerations, we suggest the following:

  1. Inspect daily for oil leaks; Visually inspect the Force Exciter for cracks in the housing, the mount feet, the mount flanges and the weight safety covers, and inspect for loose/broken mounting hardware

  2. Ensure oil breather cap is kept clean and free of obstruction

  3. Check oil level every 30-days.

  4. Change oil after first 500-hours of operation and then every 3-months or 1000-hours of operation whichever occurs first. NOTE: Never mix mineral oil with synthetic oil. NOTE: Clean the magnetized oil plugs of collected metal debris before reinserting

  5. Do not weld anywhere on the vibratory equipment’s frame/structure without first removing the Exciter(s). Welding with Mechanical Exciters installed can cause arcing-damage across bearings and/or gear teeth.

  6. If Exciter is damaged and being repaired in-house, follow instructions in O/O Manual and only use OEM repair parts from the Force Exciter manufacturer or its authorized distributor. AIRMATIC is an authorized distributor if you need repair parts, and a Mechanical Exciter Service Center if you choose to outsource repairs.

  7. Check torque on all mounting bolts before initial start-up and again after first 40-hours of Exciter operation. Thereafter, test/verify mount bolt torque every 1000-hours of operation or yearly whichever occurs first. If one or more mount bolts has been removed or is missing, dispose of all bolts, nuts and washers, and replace with mounting hardware meeting manufacture’s exact specification. Always use new sets of bolts, nuts and compression washers. Do not use split lock washers, only compression washers must be used. Use a recently calibrated torque wrench to tighten mounting hardware sets to manufacturer’s torque specification.

  8. If a Force Exciter has been removed for service, before remounting make sure the mounting surface is flat ( ≤ 0.01″ across bolt holes), and clean (free of all dirt, oil, rust, and paint). Failure to mount an Exciter to a flat surface, or failure to remove foreign material between the Exciter’s mount feet and the mounting plate surface will result in mount bolt failure, and possible damage to the Mechanical Exciter and/or the Vibratory Equipment.


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