Highlights from Our New Foundry Industry Brochure

At AIRMATIC, Inc., our number one priority is your success — that’s why our mission is to help producers excel. For our customers in the foundry industry, we distribute a comprehensive range of equipment and offer solution-oriented services designed to facilitate fast, efficient, safe production.

This month, we re-released our Foundry Industry brochure to customers interested in learning more about our foundry industry-specific solutions. Today, we’ll highlight a few of the products we distribute and services we offer that help metal casting producers exceed their potential while staying safe.

Bin, Mold and Railcar Vibrators

Inefficient or interrupted material flow is easily one of the most frustrating and time-wasting problems that foundry workers encounter. Sticky, coarse and high-moisture materials are prone to creating blockages that impede operational flow. To ensure the smooth transportation of even the toughest bulk materials, AIRMATIC, Inc. offers a full line of bin, mold, and match plate vibrators from Cougar, Martin, WORKMASTER and Cleveland.

Automatic Lubrication Systems

AIRMATIC, Inc. is a distributor of the ATS Electro-Lube Auto-Luber, the most powerful, self-contained automatic lubricator in the world. The innovative ATS system uses inert nitrogen gas in order to provide powerful, consistent lubrication while staying safe in the reactive environment of a foundry. The lubrication systems we supply include motor and gas-driven dispensers, designed to deliver reliable lubrication over sustained intervals, all the while keeping contaminants out of the bearing.

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protection equipment is a must for any industrial worker, especially in the hazardous environment of a foundry. However, personal protection equipment such as hard hats and face masks have earned themselves a reputation as a nuisance due to uncomfortable, heavy designs. But it’s not so with AIRMATIC, Inc.: We’ve handpicked hardhats, bump caps and other light weight protection equipment from MPS-CENTURION, the ANSI-standard manufacturer that designs for comfort as well as protection.

Download Our Foundry Industry Brochure

These are just a few of the products and services we offer to our foundry industry customers. To see the full list, download our Foundry Industry brochure.

Contact our friendly customer service team today to request more information on the equipment and services we offer to customers in all industrial applications.

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