Back in 2010, Black Rock Crushing set up shop with a single Lippmann Milwaukee 4800CC portable plant. Since that time, the company has multiplied that number by 6. With that, an expansion in staff to 34.The Ramseur, NC company founder, John Mason said “From the beginning, we decided to standardize and minimize to keep things … Continue reading “Make the Switch to All Reulmeca Pulleys”

Are you looking for level and flow sensor solutions? AIRMATIC is here to help! Check out some of the products below or give us a call at 800.332.9770 for more info! Get the awesome performance of 80 GHz radar and the options you need to simplify installation. BinMaster offers mounting plates, swiveling holders, and a … Continue reading “Sensible Level and Flow Sensor Solutions”

This Amulet is widely becoming known as the oldest example of a casting technique still used today by NASA. Discovered in the Neolithic village of Mehragarh, Pakistan, this product of lost-wax casting vigorously researched from Ipanema – a European center for studying archaeological materials. The process in which revealed the method of the objects creation … Continue reading “Lost-Wax Casting Officially 6000 Years Old!”

After 596 years in business, Whitechapel Bell Foundry will be shutting its doors this May. Known for casting our Liberty Bell, as well as the UK’s Big Ben, Whitechapel’s business stretches back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The foundry started in 1570 has been at its current site for over 250 years. With … Continue reading “World’s Oldest Foundry Set to Close Doors!”

With the holiday season in the rearview mirror, it is officially conference season. The time to gather together with the industry’s brightest minds and learn from engaging speakers is upon us. Here at AIRMATIC Inc., we believe it is important to stay up to date with the latest and greatest trends in the industrial, construction … Continue reading “‘Tis the Season for Conferences”

MARTIN’s new Roller Tracker has a series of improvements from it’s ease of installation and low maintenance to its improvement in lagging and polyurethane durability. The MARTIN Roller Tracker has no contact with the edge of the belt, is vibration free, and operates on reversing belts! Rufolf Beer, the Development Manager at MARTIN, said of the … Continue reading “Improvements on the MARTIN Roller Tracker”

Let BINMASTER, one of AIRMATIC’s core product suppliers, help to get you reliable radar performance in dusty bulk solids! The BINMASTER NCR-80 non-contact radar level uses a powerful 80 GHz frequency focused in a narrow 4° beam angle. The narrow angle allows for precise aiming to avoid the flow stream, internal structure, or sidewall buildup. This ensures consistent level … Continue reading “Non-Contact Radar That’s Superior in Solids!”

The ZIPD Business Conference is held every year by Bloomsburg University’s Ziegler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD). More than 1,200 students from Bloomsburg University participate in the conference, looking for a unique opportunity to network and connect with successful business people in various industries. This proves to be invaluable in preparing the students for their … Continue reading “Airmatic Team Speaks at 2016 ZIPD Business Conference”

If you’ve got questions about retrofit replacement blades, AIRMATIC’s got the answers! In our recently released, revised catalog, we include more information that can help you get the most out of your blades! The new information includes retrofit guides for a plethora of blade brands, a maintenance guide to help keep your blade tensioned and cleaning efficiently, … Continue reading “Revised Brochure on Retrofit Replacement Blades!”

AIRMATIC is proud to announce the two most recent additions to our Team! Nick Lansidel is joining the Warehouse Department in order to allow us to continue shipping and receiving both quickly and efficiently. Bill Doyle, meanwhile, is joining our growing Marketing Department as Marketing Coordinator. Welcome to the AI Team, Nick and Bill; we’re glad … Continue reading “AIRMATIC Welcomes Two New Employees!”