Airmatic to Acquire Bulk Trailer Trap Opener Manufacturing Company

Malvern, PA – 1 Jan 2018 — AIRMATIC announces that it will acquire WELLMAN ENTERPRISES LLC, a Minnesota manufacturer of trailer trap openers for dry bulk trailers. The product will be sold under the Company’s WORKMASTER brand of hopper car and bulk trailer unloading products. By purchasing the company, WORKMASTER will now provide the North American market four (4) models of Mobile and Fixed Position Trap Openers which will accommodate any unloading site. The Openers can be used on both rack & pinon type, and strap type bulk trailer traps.

“Our acquisition of WELLMAN ENTERPRISES complements our bulk materials handling product offering by enabling us to now provide our faster, better, safer solutions to the slow, injury causing problems caused by manually opening trailer traps” said Billy Dougherty, Vice President of AIRMATIC. “And the fact that John Wellman, who has over 20-years’ experience in the grain handling industry, has agreed to join our Company as a Product Manager enables us to not only further penetrate the existing market but also to grow the type and scope of products, and services we offer the market, and provides us an opportunity for a Midwest warehouse for WORKMASTER products.”


Founded in 1944, AIRMATIC® is a multi-division distributor of industrial equipment and machinery. Its Materials Management Group provides products and services to industries that convey, store, transport, and process powders and bulk solids, and its Service Group provides installations and maintenance services to improve the efficiency of belt conveyors and other components of a bulk solids handling system, and clean-out and then eliminate further material flow problems in hoppers, bins, and silos. By choosing AIRMATIC to solve their problems, customers gain increased productivity, decreased costs, and a safer, cleaner work environment.


WORKMASTER® is a manufacturer of unloading equipment for hopper bottom railcars and bulk trailers, and other powder and bulk solids handling equipment for industrial, utility and construction applications. Products include hopper car gate openers; trailer trap openers; connectors for hopper-bottom railcars to undertrack-conveyors for safe, pollution-free material flow; hopper car and truck vibrators; vibrators and aerators for bins and silos; pneumatic tool lubricants; and electronic timers and controls. Our products are designed to help Customers operate more safely and efficiently, decrease operating and maintenance costs, and increase the lifespan of production critical equipment in some of industry’s most dangerous, difficult, and dirty jobs.

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