Airmatic Team Speaks at 2016 ZIPD Business Conference

The ZIPD Business Conference is held every year by Bloomsburg University’s Ziegler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD). More than 1,200 students from Bloomsburg University participate in the conference, looking for a unique opportunity to network and connect with successful business people in various industries. This proves to be invaluable in preparing the students for their future careers while explaining what will be expected of them in the real world.

Here at AIRMATIC, Inc., two of our team members were invited to participate in this year’s 6th annual ZIPD Business Conference on November 3rd and 4th. Our Sales Director Bob Braun and Account Manager Dan Lorine, both Bloomsburg alumni, served as conference session moderators, and panelists in breakout discussions that took place over the course of the two-day event. AIRMATIC, Inc. encourages associates to give back to their alma maters and the community in general. This year marked the second time AIRMATIC, Inc. has participated in the conference.

Here’s how we helped make an impact at ZIPD:

  • Our Sales Director, Bob Braun, was asked to speak about the industrial sales profession. It turned out to be difficult to get students to participate, so, as a seasoned professional, he flipped the script. He told the audience that in sales it’s not about what he wants to talk about, but rather, it’s about what the Customers want. To illustrate his point, he offered $20 bills and invited the students to start asking questions, promising that the three best questions earned $20 each.
  • Our Account Manager, Dan Lorine, also participated in panels about Professional Selling and Supply Chain Management. We’re proud of AIRMATIC Teammates, Bob and Dan, for helping Bloomsburg students understand about the industrial world and the sales profession.

The ZIPD Business Conference is always an exciting opportunity for both our company and the students of Bloomsburg University. We were happy that we could attend. To learn more about our participation in the ZIPD Business Conference and what we do as a company, contact us at 800-332-9770 or visit

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